Tuesday, January 20, 2009

imported from LJ to keep au-current

I don't want to be over dramatic, as I know this condition can go on for years,but after many blood tests, visits with GP and conversations with my cardio nurse practitioner seems like I have entered the 'heart-failure' stage. My cardiologist, G-d love him, is out-of-town.The NP has known me so long, she didn't want to say it so I said it for her.
I'm sad.
It's starting to impede my outside life (had to leave shul early because I could no longer stand and the swelling was becoming painful). It will soon be time for the uncomfortable "I know I look OK, but I can't stand during the prayers" talk with the Havurah. There are days I cannot feel below my knees... I am hoping this is the normal "my-body-can't-take-winter-extremities Jan/Feb strike". Here's hoping things will improve as the temps go up. This is such a yo-yo.