Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It is guaranteed to every single person on this planet, in fact, to every living thing.
I never thought, ever that in dealing with my own impending death in the foreseeable future that we would have to deal with an immediate death of someone so young, healthy and unexpected.
I'm taking my precious health, flying to the other end of the country to hold my Wife up while we say goodbye to her child.

The only advice I have is this: write your living will. Know what you want so people don't have to fight about ending life support or not. Write it because it WILL happen. Maybe not now, maybe not for 40 more years, but it WILL happen. For the love of your loved ones, make your end of life wishes as clear as you can, and then tell those around you.

Never, in a million years did I think our discussions about my biological will would apply to our child.