Thursday, June 25, 2009

an unthinkable loss

Dear friends/family,
I'm very sorry to use this impersonal venue as a source of awful information. At this time neither of us have the energy nor the time to contact everyone who's sent prayers/thoughts/energy/love etc.

Last Monday night (June 15th) Thomas had a seizure that caused his heart to stop. At this time they are unable to medically explain what happened. Medics revived him and has spent the past week on life support. There is almost no neurological function. We are in Vancouver saying goodbye. Life support will be stopped as soon as everyone that needs to, says goodbye.I'm not quite sure how MediKaT's been coping with this for an entire week. I arrived this afternoon and saw him and immediately broke. He is not in pain (?) but his spirit is no longer *in* his body (he's still lingering in the room). Soon he will be free, she will be (is) completely shattered.

We are so very grateful for the love and support and we will be having some sort of Shiva/Wake/gathering (in Ottawa) for those who would like to pay their respects etc. upon our return. At this point we ask that you not contact either of us as. We love and appreciate all of you but are unable to cope with anything more than his last few days with us.
with all our love and greatest appreciation,Thank youthe KATs