Sunday, August 2, 2009

around the bonfire

So the Wife and I decided to go out of town (yet again) but for the day yesterday. We went to meet up with friends at a festival out in the country. In my younger, healthier years I camped the entire week/weekend. Now it just takes too much out of me - and I'm too much of a princess (I love to use that excuse).

While there I happened to see a teenage kid that looked an awful lot like Thomas. As I passed him all I could hope was that the Wife hadn't seen him - and she didn't, until late in the day when we were sitting around the bonfire (with about 100 other folks) and right across from us the Wife pointed out the boy. I asked her if she needed to leave (as we were due to head out within the 3 hours span anyway). Instead she got up, walked right across the bonfire circle to talk to his mother (the kid had disappeared as teenagers do within minutes of spotting him) and I could see her pull out Thomas' obit and colour photo of when he was 14. What she told me later was that she complimented the mother on having a beautiful boy. It was not long after that that we left.

There is no "good side" to death - I've always been a pessimist even though I work hard at trying to see the good in things - but now I really don't believe in Karma, or things working out for hte best - perhaps it's because I'm also still dumb-founded, but I'll allow it. It's my process. But anyway, the goodside I have been gifted to witness is that I really see a different kind of strength perculating to the surface that although I knew the Wife had, would only witness on very rare occaisions - and now I watch her display it publicly: something she rarely ever did.