Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 2 of DD (designer drugs)

Well it's day two of me injesting these little pills that will somehow, miraculously open up my pulmonary arteries in a few months from now. I don't want to tempt Mr. Murphy, but while knocking wood and repeating "keineihore" over and over again I think I've concluded that at the very least, I'm not allergic to them. No anaphylaxis or other crazy initial reactions.

As for the side effects, it will take time as these drugs work to unweave the way the oxygen's been circulating throughout my pulmonary arteries and other breathing patterns established over the last three decades. I do feel 'wheezy' for a few short hours after I take them but really, I'm quite used to that.

The way I run my daily life is sometimes more like a side effect than the actual side effects. This morning right before I got out of bed, I heard my Wife return home (from work). She started up the stairs and our short-bus cat decided to race her. I could hear little Misha skid around the corner of the stairs, bolt through the door (not the cat door but the door was opened by that point) and leap right into the bed at such high speeds. Cats are know for their lazy slowness, but this girl was so fast that when she jumped up she landed righ on my chest in one big pounce that felt like a punch to my diaghram. It freakin hurt. The Wife couldn't believe the speed and pressure at which this little kitty used. My cats, little darlings, can be worse than side-effects! So really, living with these abusive little creatures is preparing me for some breathless days ahead!