Monday, November 2, 2009

hopefully just another health scare

I'm not feeling eloquent at all, but thought I'd post because if this stupid H1N1 takes me then damnit I'm going out with a bang.

I haven't had the flu in a long time, like over 6 years long. I do all sorts of naturopahtic things (not including the flu vaccine) to help keep me virus-free in the winter.

Well, if I didn't speak too soon. A few weeks ago I was feeling cocky so decided to give away part of my secret on FB. Yeah, tempting fate. (Or whatever the hell is out there).

This is the first time since Sat. that I've been able to lift my arm - I look and feel like a train wreck. I was listening to the news last night (or maybe it was the night before... dunno, it's in the background to keep me company) and the city is now telling people that they will be turned away for the piggy-flu vaccine if they are not high risk, but get this, aren't going to require proof. They showed one mom who said "if my kids can get it I should too" then they showed another mom who has som eunderlieing condition and a son with H1N1 say "I hope you remember people like us when we take sick and die". I feel for her. Even IF I wanted the vaccine, too many people who think thye're high risk ("oh I work wit hte public") take up the space and contribute to long line-ups. Someone from my extended community here in Ottawa was saying "oh I"m going Friday to xyz clinic". From what I know she is completely and totally healthy. It pissies me off because she is also the same person that posted allt he "pro-vaccine" info calling us that question it "conspiricay theorist".

Whatever get a life.

And so now I"m sick, my fever has only gone up and has stayed at the "I must go to ER" but well, most people who go to hospitals (with chronic shit like me) come out worse, if alive.

Yes I'm on tamiflu- my wife dragged me (I couldn't lift myself alone until an hour ago) to my dr. this morning to get it. I'm damned if I do, damed if I don't.

My cardio-nurse wants to make sure the virus hasn't gotten into the heart lining cayse that (endocarditis) will cause death.

Oh. And Thoma's cause of death "myocarditis" - infaction of the heart muscle (another layer).

I"m gonna crawl back into my deth bed now.