Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a spiritual mountain dies today

Today I got news that a very beautiful, very spiritual woman finally passed to the other side. I say finally because she's been battling a very aggressive type of cancer for a while now. It's ravaged her body and now, she no longer has to struggle. She can be at peace with her spiritual self.

I barely new this woman but she has impacted me so thoroughly, like most people who are on some sort of deep spiritual quest. When you meet and know them, you instantly get to see their essence.
The very first time I met her over 2 years ago I knew she had something important to say - to the world, and something very important for me to hear, eventually.

I've had the blessed privilege of receiving some of her teaching through the women around her. As she got sicker, I'm sure there was room for less new people so I didn't 'bother' to wedge my way into that circle, but spiritual teachings came my way anyway. I am blessed to have known this woman.

She is a mountain of spiritual connection - someone who, in this lifetime, with illness, could manage, unmarried, but not alone, anyway. It was only a few short months ago that I found out that she was going through this unmarried. Her strength to have lived through and then died of her given illness has mesmerized me. If she can do this alone, so can I. If she can be a mountain, than perhaps I too have the strength to be a tall strong, unmovable force within myself.

Thank you J- for being who you were - and sharing all of that strength with all of us, and for helping me see that dieing unmarried is not a tragedy - you did it, and I am inspired by your courage, strength and love. May you rest peacefully in the afterglow of your spirit-self. ...Blessings...