Saturday, March 20, 2010

when pain meds don't work I become whiney

It's times like this I miss being married to a paramedic. I left work earlier today because of sudden chills and lower back back.

Okay, flu-like symptoms. Maybe something I hate (or haven't eaten properly).
So I slept most of the evening, or at least tried. I have unbareable lower back pain. I called telehealth and they were more interesetd in getting my address right than answering my question. I refuse to give them my address because I don't want an ambulance called. Way too many people abuse the system for non-emergency calls. Way too many people. I know, I was married to a medic.

Besides, unless I'm having a heart attack, there is no reason for an ambulance. Even that doesn't constitute calling them, I am DNR afterall so what would be the point?!

So here I am, laboured breathing, having taken pain meds, laid on a heat pad, and still nothing. The pain is unbearable... I hope it's not any bad virus. There's lots of shit I'm exposed to at work.
It's starting to make me a little nervous, especially when I did an intake for a guy twith TB the other week.

I just had to post... to whine to someone, to be heard. It's hard adjusting being single and sick. Very hard.