Monday, June 14, 2010

death; entering a hard time of year

Today sucked. Not even at work 10 mins. when I find out one of my clients was beaten to death.
Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of Thomas' first death - yes there is such thing as more than one death. You know, when you actually die, but technology decides to revive your heart beat... then your body dies later, when there is no more reviving. G-d takes us when we're done. Humans revive them because they're not ready to let them go... or other weird phenomena.

That's why I signed that lovely DNR paper a while back. None of this 2 deaths thing for me. Just one thank you. Not putting loved ones through all that.

Sad, tired and a little burnt out. Booked the day off tomorrow, and of course, July 13th. In Jewish tradition there's yarzheit when we remember on the day of death. But what do you do when there are 2. This may not be kosher, but I'm honouring both. Every day from June 15th to July 13th I'll be spending time in prayer for Thomas.

As for my client... he is no longer suffering. I am sad that he just could not get through some of his trauma(s).