Sunday, June 27, 2010


So I did a 2km walk(hike) in nature today... some of it with elevation, much of it having to stop and drag my ass up the hill but I did it, and just under an hour! I know, the average for a regular person for 2km is 30 mins but I'm not regular!

Although I'm tired from the walk/hike I know it's not something I could have done last fall. One kilometre maybe, but 2, nope. In fact, I've been to that park years before and I still chose the one kilometre walk over the 2k one. I think just to keep my own circulation going I'm going to try to walk once a week in my neighbourhood. (My goal is to walk daily - if I can make the time, but starting with once a week is something I can commit to at this juncture of workload). Practicing the diaphragmatic breathing that I teach my clients during our anxiety group is something that has helped on my walk today. I'm not going to outsmart this illness but I want to live *with* it now.

Next I'm going to look into zip-lining... chances are I might not be able to do it, but if there's a kiddy-line and my Dr. Cardio-man ok's it, then off I go zipping through the forest. I feel alive, in my twilight years: this would be my retirement years according to my life expectancy and I want to live out whatever I can. So even though I still have to work, I am lucky that I love my work. Which is another area of my life going very well (keineinhoreh). Lots of exciting things including my art therapy group getting off the ground. This stuff makes me very very happy.

I'll be contacting my cardio-nurse again because I'm noticing that I'm cold. I've always had a hard time warming up and always felt cold but now-a-days I can't even wear shorts or a dress I'm so cold. I go to work wearing the same stuff I do in winter, minus the long-johns. (Yes I wear long-sleeved top, sweater, pants, socks etc.) I'm wondering if it's another side-effect from the meds. I've learned recently that anemia is a possible side-effect/complication and I am that now. Looking at changing how I eat: getting back to better... for a while there (when the wife left) I ate frozen stuff, the meals served at work (full of salt) if I ate at all. I've gained most of my weight back but struggle with the healthy cooking from scratch thing I used to do. It was so much easier to cook for 2 then. I'm looking forward to going to a Naturopath to help support my healing. Benefits still haven't come... papers still haven't been signed, but unless I hit a client or touch inappropriately, I know my job is mine. Just would be nice to have those papers signed. My new bed can't be purchased until I know for sure. That's my 6 months gift to myself. Finally after all these years a new mattress - new karma (it's my ex's from long ago and her marriage broke into pieces around the same time mine did!).

I like this taking care of me thing... it's so freeing that I'm finally enjoying being single.
I can't wait to tell my mother I'm going to the Middle East!! hehe!