Wednesday, July 21, 2010

more sarcasm

So here's the best part of my haemoglobin being ridiculously high (number of red blood cells in the body): I'm anemic (according to medical def. means not enough red blood cells being produced!)
Perhaps that's why I'm being sent to the haematologist: my rbc's are screwing like bunnies but not actually producing or carrying any haem.
Gotta love the human body!

On the positive note, I actually have a strong immune system and my wbc (white blood count) is right on target). I credit my mud-pies (when I was little) to being able to fight off dirt and germs today. That and the place I work. I'm exposed to street level 'grime' and intense diseases everyday. Kids today are not being exposed to dirt and germs due all the "antibacterial" products out there. We're going to have some very sick teens and adults! One germ and their systems will spin out not knowing how to fight it, never having had to build antibodies in childhood. If you want a strong child don't sanitize everything.