Thursday, August 5, 2010

bureacrcay is why people stay sick

I really really hate bureaucracy!

My "designer drugs" come from a pharmacy in Toronto, couriered specially to me (a $4000 box wouldn't be sent through the mail after all). They take up to a month to process payments (my insurance, Trillium and my personal payments I send). I'm due meds today and I don't have 'em because these "people" say I'm behind three payments (um, bitch at me once you've spoken to your accounting dept!). I've been fighting on the phone with them all week saying I've sent it in etc. etc. and they refuse to release meds. My Cardio nurse is on vacation and can't advocate on my behalf.

They don't get that it's not my fault they take 4 weeks from the day they receive my cheque to process the damn transfer payments. I just don't understand why Trillium just doesn't send them a cheque directly and sends it to me instead to forward to them. Bureaucracy makes NO sense.

So to try and figure out the mess I was on a 3way call with the TO pharmacy, Trillium (and me). Ah sweet justice... the stupid pharmacy that thinks I'm hiding something heard it from Trillium - they they're still processing!

One day someone will realize that double processing is a waste of time and maybe just maybe some efficiency expert will make changes: it's the government, I doubt it.