Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Incredible news re: DD

So my benefits at work kicked in. They cover 100% of my meds, with no yearly limit. When I gave my cardio nurse my new policy number she forwarned me that this Designer Drug is an anomoly and even the most generous of plans don't cover all of it. It's a class in it's own.
So in dealing with the TO pharmacy that dishes out my meds I gave them the new number and they said the same thing. So, we did another 3-way call, this time to the new insurance company. Low and behold, ALL of my script is covered, with no yearly limit.
I am beyond floored, so much so that when I was on the phone at work, I started crying with joy. That means that once the balance is payed off (from the spouse's insurance for which I'm still legally entailed to), I won't have to use any more of my income for meds. It can be used for, um, saving for Israel, or, um, living!
I am still floored.
I would have screamed but my throat is still so sore (not able to take anything for this latest bug I have). So alas, I shall let the tears of gratitude flow.