Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bye bye summer: Fall brings the return of pain

Ok, so my spiritual health has been on the up and up but my pain and edema decided to come back. I've been blessed to enjoy a relatively pain-free summer. Today I'm having a hard time walking so I'm going to soak a warm bath.
I hope this isn't any indication of the fall to come. Fall and Winter are usually very hard on my body (and extreme summer heat, but we haven't had much of that). The Naturopathic support is pretty useless because my Cardio Man and Cardiac NP kibosh everything I send them! I'm feeling a little stuck in what I can do. They've even warned me against my high-dosage of Vit C when I get sick (5,000mg). Seriously, I'm not well anyway.... I just want to feel better.
There - the pain has spoken!