Thursday, September 2, 2010

letting go of western medicine

Alright so I finally had my consult with the stroke clinic and as I thought I'm OK - within reason. So I most likely did not have a TIA says the dr. but he also didn't want me to leave thinking I was in the clear. He reiterated how my body's blood-making is getting out of hand and that there's no coincidence that whatever did happen that Sunday evening in late July had nothing to do with my highest hemoglobin ever. He wants me to be having phlebotomy's more often! Blarg.

This just goes to show that ER doc's are so hyper-focused on relieving ALL problems that they don't actually know what the real problem is. All these specialist later and my own cardiologist is not worrying- then again, this is part of the course for him. It's these ER docs that just don't know what to do with someone who's out of the norm. They're used to comparing a body to homeostasis. Like today, at the stroke clinic they took my BP and it was 73/48. They took it numerous times because they thought they got it wrong but each time it was within 2 points.... had I seen a triage nurse int he ER she would have flipped right out. I'm not going back to western medicine's ERs. I don't have to now that my western-medicine ex is no longer in my life. I suppose I did it to make her happy but time and again the visit proved to be absolutely pointless. And perhaps the stubborn part of my went also to show her just how limiting western medicine is. It can't do everything, it doesn't know what "normal" is, all the machines in the world won't help if you don't understand the body-whole.

Having said all that I have an appointment with a new naturopath next week. I have a working knowledge of the stuff through my years of self-study and working with a herbalist in my 20s. it's about time I let someone else's knowledge work for me. Damn I love benefits!