Thursday, September 30, 2010

Naturopath take 2

So I saw my Naturopath last night. She also does acupuncture. Now I originally wanted to go to a friend's colleague's place but got lazy... I want to keep all my services under the fewest roofs possible. I'm so complex that I don't need to be opening files all over town regarding my health.

So since we are limited in what we can do we are looking at simple supporting of my organs, hence the acupuncture. She started with points on my feet last night: big mistake: I'm a Pisces and touch of any sort on my feet can be unbearable. After the third needle she had to take one of 'em out. I felt like I was going to throw-up, pass out etc. She said I wasn't kidding when I tell her that we have to take kid gloves with me (children's dosage for any herbs, etc. ).

Anyway, she is now linked up with my Cardio-nurse so she can get the back and forth info. I didn't like being the one in the middle. i know a lot about my body but started getting lost when they Cardio-nurse was explaining the chemical compound of a certain herb/plant etc. then I would have to relay this info to the Naturopath. It was getting a little crazy. At least now they can come up with a plan together! That's what I pay the Naturopath for anyway (although it's covered under benefits, which I have yet to receive reimbursement. I hate insurance companies sometimes).