Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm making the most of my benefits.
I started with a naturopath yesterday. The first visit was a consult and of course over an hour long. I think I may have scared her with my entire list of Dx (diagnosis). By the end of the session when it was apparent that I'll be a learning curve for her she actually took me on. Probably because my own goal and expectation of treatment is not to cure but to support my body and health.
Having benefits rock and being able to treat me with something is better than being sick for two weeks. We're going to begin with immune system enhancing. I like that she is willing to work with my (western) practitioners and cc's them on things.

It became more apparent when I was filling out forms and reached the "in case of emergency" line that I really need to get on that. I guess I just have to bite the bullet and ask - all a friend can do is say no, then I move on. It's better to ask then have absolutely no-one. Otherwise people usually resort to parents and they are NOT the ideal ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact. My ex is no longer an option - I can't trust her to care for herself, let alone be there for me. Makes me sad. I hope she finds serenity one day.

Will keep updating as to how this is going. I don't see her again for 3 weeks: I'm too busy to squeeze her in the next 2 weeks and she needs time to get acquainted with my physiology. High Holidays start tonight and well, life's been incredibly busy (but fun!) - that's another post :)