Tuesday, October 5, 2010

discloure pt 2

So circumstances have indicated that it was about time to start disclosing some truths about my health/life sentence to la femme francaise.
Of course, I didn't go into details because it would have been be too overwhelming all at once, but the situation called for honesty, deep sharing etc.
She knows I probably won't see her age (she's significantly older than me).
And of course, she's not oblivious - she's noticed my nails, my inability to keep up, etc. etc.
Her reaction: it's not what people have, it's what they do (or don't do) with what they have.
We'll see if her words match her actions when my health flares up. This is a lot to handle. Not many people are built to deal with someone else's serious illness (even though vows suggest in sickness and in health, most people bolt when it gets tough - I know).

But for now...I'm in so much trouble!