Friday, October 1, 2010

medication meltdown

Landed safely in Toronto... with only a disastrous medication meltdown. I was due for another shipment of my designer meds on Thurs. since I was supposed to be on the road to TO after Friday's afternoon (work) group. So today I get a phone call from purolator at 7 am telling me that the meds have not yet left Toronto and can they deliver them Saturday morning. Um - NO. I have exactly enough meds to take me to TO but none thereafter. I gave Puro an Ottawa friend's address to be delivered by 3pm (departure time) while I was at work. So Purolator said they'd get in on the next flight out. Fewf - it's only 7am, there's still time before 3pm.
So 2pm comes and my friend still hasn't received anything. I call the pharmacy in TO just to double check. Not sent out! WTF. I explain my situation, telling them that I'm in training all day and that I won't be able to pick 'em up in Toronto even though I'm there. So we arrange for a 7am Sat. morning delivery.
They call back and low and behold my life-enhancing meds are in the air on the way to OT - and I'm on the way to TO.
Life is a little crazy sometimes - and sometimes I just don't want to be the one organizing it all.
I've been practicing assertion the past couple of months so at one point when Puro called me I told 'em (not to go f*ck 'em selves even though I really wanted to)... I told them to work it out with the TO pharmacy because I was no longer available (TO pharmacy had my entire itinerary).
And, because even though my life can get chaotic, I still have angels, my meds were delivered to my friend's place in TO by 8pm (not 8am next day)!
So here I am, meds, belly full of super good, super cheap Indian food and my first weekend away from la femme francaise in over a month.
Good food makes me content!