Tuesday, August 17, 2010

still sick

Nine days with this "summer cold" turned sinus infection. I was away on vacation last week and was sick during it too. Not fun being feverish on va-ca, not at all.

This sucks not being able to take any meds or anti-biotics. I was never a big fan of them and believe they are over prescribed, but 9 days later I'd like to sleep through the night; I have a lot of work to do (day shift and evening shift in the same work day).

Been downing an average of 3,000 mg of vitamin C a day and have recently tried "oil of oregano" just because this is awful - my face hurts so much I can't make certain expressions.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Incredible news re: DD

So my benefits at work kicked in. They cover 100% of my meds, with no yearly limit. When I gave my cardio nurse my new policy number she forwarned me that this Designer Drug is an anomoly and even the most generous of plans don't cover all of it. It's a class in it's own.
So in dealing with the TO pharmacy that dishes out my meds I gave them the new number and they said the same thing. So, we did another 3-way call, this time to the new insurance company. Low and behold, ALL of my script is covered, with no yearly limit.
I am beyond floored, so much so that when I was on the phone at work, I started crying with joy. That means that once the balance is payed off (from the spouse's insurance for which I'm still legally entailed to), I won't have to use any more of my income for meds. It can be used for, um, saving for Israel, or, um, living!
I am still floored.
I would have screamed but my throat is still so sore (not able to take anything for this latest bug I have). So alas, I shall let the tears of gratitude flow.

Monday, August 9, 2010

dr.s are not g-ds

So I've got some sort of summer "cold" or something or other. I went to a walk in clinic just to make sure it wasn't strep and to kill the bug before it starts to tear down my immune system. Usually I'm given antibiotics (because I'm allergic to Penicillin) and so that's what I was given to day. I wasn't familiar with this new antibiotic, so I asked the dr. if it had any contra-indications to Tracleer. Of course she wasn't really familiar with it and said my pharmacist should know.
Great... this sounds like a wild goose chase in the making.
And so it was.
When it was filled, I made sure to ask again, about any contraindications. One pharmacist never heard of what I'm on, the other was a little familiar. I gave them my Cardio man's number to phone it in. In the end, I'm out an hour and out anything to treat my little infection. And this is precisely why I became interested in alternative medicine when I was all of 16: because usually I can't be treated by the mainstream stuff anyway.
I took it upon myself to fax the walk-in clinic a complaint. Had she taken the extra 30 seconds to check her CPS (any medical professionals "bible") I wouldn't have to run across the city, spend an hour waiting to see about these meds, and perhaps she could have scripted me something else. Now I have nothing else to treat this (at least I have a dr.'s note for missing work).

So I'm back to my traditional way of doing things: zinc, iron, and 3-4,000 mg of Vit C, tiger balm to ease the throat. This better go away fast: I don't want to be stuck in the US with some bug. Oh wait, I have benefits now!!! (I still don't want to be stuck in the US with anything).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

bureacrcay is why people stay sick

I really really hate bureaucracy!

My "designer drugs" come from a pharmacy in Toronto, couriered specially to me (a $4000 box wouldn't be sent through the mail after all). They take up to a month to process payments (my insurance, Trillium and my personal payments I send). I'm due meds today and I don't have 'em because these "people" say I'm behind three payments (um, bitch at me once you've spoken to your accounting dept!). I've been fighting on the phone with them all week saying I've sent it in etc. etc. and they refuse to release meds. My Cardio nurse is on vacation and can't advocate on my behalf.

They don't get that it's not my fault they take 4 weeks from the day they receive my cheque to process the damn transfer payments. I just don't understand why Trillium just doesn't send them a cheque directly and sends it to me instead to forward to them. Bureaucracy makes NO sense.

So to try and figure out the mess I was on a 3way call with the TO pharmacy, Trillium (and me). Ah sweet justice... the stupid pharmacy that thinks I'm hiding something heard it from Trillium - they they're still processing!

One day someone will realize that double processing is a waste of time and maybe just maybe some efficiency expert will make changes: it's the government, I doubt it.