Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year

So this is my first post for 2011...and I have nothing to say!

Well nothing of great importance. No more visits to the ER - now to report of for this year so far (kieneinhore). My new goals are quite trite: go a month without and ER visit. That's January's goal.

In other news, over the years I've had people contact me with TA to say that hey, they too are still alive, unrepaired and exist. And that same thing happened just the other day. I opened my email to another gentleman in the US who is 42, yes 42! That's all I'll say because it's me who's chosen to go (semi)public and not others but this makes all this writing and reflecting worth it. If someone else says "yes, I'm going through that too" or "I know what you mean, I think of death a lot" then I'm validated and so are they. Our experiences are real and need a voice!

He gave me some awesome stats (hey, if you're reading this could you send me the link). He said that there's only been something like just under 300 live births of TA in the past 70 years and of the 300 something like 52 of us are still around! So, even if that's just the US, when you add in the numbers for Canada it's still less than 100 (our population is like one tenth that of the US).

Not much else, it seems I just don't have time for much, working full-time and going to bed much, much earlier. Winter taxes me out so I'm at home on the O2 machine pretty early. It sucks but it's nice to have a slower pace at home since work is still so understaffed.