Tuesday, March 29, 2011

back from the heart-hospital

I just spent two and a half days in our heart hospital. I knew this recent trip taxed me out so the only responsible thing was to go to the ER to get into the heart hospital to see exactly what was going on since my squeezing chest and shortness of breath hadn't improved since I returned to Canada. Perhaps I'm a little impatient to have rest return the body to homeostasis but when it comes to health, it's more important to check right away. That and my Dr. Cardio man and Cardio-NP would rather see me there then not show up when something could have gone wrong. Of course, entering via the ER proved to be an educating experience on their part - again. A friend brought me. I also let my Ex know since she is still my emergency contact (and she knows my health history so if people want to give me, say nitro (which they attempted) I could still depend on her. She is still dependable and love is still there - on both our parts, despite the brokenness of it all. In fact, at one point I had both la femme and la Ex there and I felt so lucky to have not one but two women that love me very much. Even more if I include my friend that brought me who couldn't stay because it was 'family' only (they were over capacity again). So yes, educational in that even the on-call cardiologist had no idea how to handle my illness so decided just to move me over to the heart hospital. But in the mean time he did make me go through a cat-scan (I hate those things with all that hot die running through my veins. It makes me feel like my head is bursting.) No blood clots were found, no embolisms and really the only thing that was off was my haemoglobin so they gave me a phlebotomy. I'm so glad that my day nurse did it and not my night nurse because the night one didn't even know what a phlebotomy was. My day nurse on the other hand made a usually displeasing and really annoying procedure (that when done wrong is very uncomfortable at best) very fast and well, fast. She poked me in all the right places and was done before I could start telling the other cardiologists (in training) how icky they usually make me feel. Truth be told though, the ativan probably helped. But really, she is a really good nurse. As usual I had a team of students look at me. The chief of cardiology grabbed my hands (permission granted) and quizzed their eager little future cardiologists. He asked them what they saw (even I knew what he was looking for as I used to quiz my wife's peers when she was going through paramedic school. Then he told the kids about my illness calling me an original blue baby. (I guess there aren't any anymore). I'm sure I have more to write but I'm very tired. I'm expected back at work tomorrow. The only good thing about that it that it's a "slow" day but I'm sure I'll be packed with catching up on shit from being away for 10 days. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to survive without O2 since I've spend the past 10 days on O2 - non-stop except when I showered and tonight when my sister brought me home. We sat and chatted for over 20 minutes but I was without O2. I was very dizzy with her (it was nice catching up.... it's nice to have a sister again). All my thoughts and hopes about dropping down to part-time are out the window. Those were based on plans la femme and I had. I'm thinking of just getting rid of this house for once and for all so all I have to manage is a small apartment - but it would not be in my best interest to live alone (who would be there to call 911 if I couldn't?). In the meantime I need to get through work tomorrow and make sure my O2 carrier is working on some sort of quiet portable solution for work (even if I suck on it over lunch...)