Sunday, March 20, 2011

travel I

Well, I know I won't be able to ever see Israel. It's day 1 and I am beat. The first flight wasn't so bad since it was a short one. Second flight was another thing. As we climbed over the Rockies I could feel my body being taxed over the increased elevation. Yes I wore my O2 the entire time, I also had my compression socks on (although I couldn't find full leg one, only knee high). It's 3 hours later in my body making for an 18hour day with 2 flights, lots of salt, smoke and high elevation.
I'm saddened that a transatlantic (or Pacific for that matter) flight will never happen. I'm sitting at the base of the tackiest valley in the world, elevation of 3900 feet and I can't go 3 minutes without O2. Just getting into the hotel was a nightmare, with smoke all around (and none smoking signs above). The US is a joke - land of the free my ass. I will be leaving Vegas in the morning covered in smoke choking from from the stench. It won't matter how long I shower for, it's coming with me. My freedom to breath clean are seems to not matter. My freedom to have a peaceful sleep doesn't seem to matter either.
I have no interest in going to the Strip to see all the wasted electricity in Sin City. On the highway we passed the Bellagio, Caesar's and all the grand names. I thought about taking a jaunt but this old sick is is sick of tacky and my journey has only just begun. I won't be spending a second night here, but that's OK - it means I might actually be able to fit in a day trip to the Grand Canyon. We will see. I am enjoying speaking a whole other language, a secret language here with la femme (although I have to be careful for the French tourists, but whatever, c'est la vie).
My curiosity for those grand casino-hotel-resorts has completely disappeared after checking in (with cigarettes not even 2 feet from me) when I took a look at just how desperate people look sitting there with alcohol in hand spending money and having cigarettes dangle from their mouths. Perhaps Canadians are boring, but I think I'll keep my dignity and money intact and spend it on 4X4'ing in the desert looking at the earth's crust built up over 12 million years ago (the reading I did on the plane had some very fascinating facts about how all this land was built up, eroded, developed. As recently experienced in Japan, our Earth is magnificent beyond reason - it can move and island country 3 meters in one earth quake - it produces massive red rock formations and "natural bridges" that don't even compare with the man-made neon blinking outside this window.
So in the end being under the full moon in the desert is overshadowed by the neon. It's too bad because this is the closest the moon has been to the earth in over 20 years. (I did get a look at it on the way in, but the city is brighter than it's splendor).
At least here I don't give a shit about walking around with O2 - I can't. Without it I won't make it.