Sunday, May 22, 2011

Desert follow-up

I had a follow-up Cardio apt. the other day. Seems dr. cardio man wants to put me on new heart drugs too. The lung drugs are doing it's thing but the heart is still slowly dying. He said these drugs would help it work more efficiently and that they cost as much as the lung (DD) drugs. Gotta love those drug companies! Right now he's going to wait until my next apt. in 6 months because there isn't much information on how the two drugs work when combined. According to him there is another woman in the clinic also on DD and she's just started HD (heart drug) so he wants to wait and see. Ah, someone else being a guinea pig for once. I'm down with that (although if they're working, I'd wish to be on them sooner... feels like there's hope for a few more years).

In other non-heart related areas of my life, this down-sizing project isn't coming soon enough. I'm overwhelmed with how fast things get messy in a big house, and how big it can get. I'm very comfortable with the decision now, only to have it stall - I guess it was about making it, not it actually happening.

We've had other bigger, more life-altering stuff thrown our way in the past week. I'm not at liberty to write about them yet, it's been terrifying working against the clock to try and stop something huge from taking over. I'm only now learning about compassion and true non-judgement even for a group of people/values that I disowned in my youth. When the political becomes personal, the personal get political.