Monday, July 4, 2011

long weekend

I just got back from an extended long weekend (Friday and Monday off) spent on beautiful Manitoulin Island. I enjoyed my visit with my long-time friend & 'minister' (the woman that officiated my wedding). I was curious to see what took her away from her community in Ottawa. The land. Their land. The family purchased beautiful land at about the same time I started my separation. It is peaceful up there. A beautiful river runs through it.

Anyway, it was a slow weekend. I had the portable POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator) thankfully. And since we were far away from home, where no one knew me, I was able to wear it without fear of running into clients etc. What I do on time off, or mini-vacations is limited now with my illness. I used to be able to at least walk a kilometer trail to waterfalls etc. Today: no can do. I can only stay by the lookout.

On the drive home I played with my neck and found a lump. I spent some time rubbing it, thinking it was a small ball of tension. Seeing as I just had a massage I find it odd that it's there. Anyhow, even after rubbing it, hours later, it's still there. I'm going to get it checked out. But lumps aren't good. My best friend in high school got lumps all over her neck before she was diagnosed with lung-cancer. I don't think it's that, but I don't need it to be anything. I think heart/lung disease is quite enough.

These hormones are also playing havoc with my system. Week 6 and my weight gain is very uncomfortable ( I don't fit into anything and the tightness doesn't help with the lower back pain). My face also looks like I'm 14 again: all oily and broken out.