Friday, November 11, 2011


It's been a while, a long while I know, since I've posted.
I've been taking time thinking and reflecting about writing. A lot has happened since then (Oct. 7th) nothing really to do with Truncus Arterios or heart disease in general. So it's because of that that I'm thinking about how my writing has shifted from the experience of living with a living disability to general musings.
Today is "remembrance day" and so I'm trying to remember why I first started this blog. It's also armistice day.
I will write more, as I figure out why I continue to write. I will let my readers know that in this time, I have successfully been able to clean out all air in my new bungalow, I got married again and an acquaintance died. That's just what I can remember.
May today, 11-11-11, be a memorable day for you whatever you choose to do with it.