Tuesday, January 17, 2012

well hello there!

Happy new year all!
I've been distant for many reasons.
First, so much was happening in my personal life that I couldn't keep up. I moved from my 3-story house to a bungalow. I got remarried. My spouse had major surgery. Now work is challenging again.

But through all that the thing that probably kept me from writing was a connection to someone else in the US who told me about stem-cell research. Thing is, this contact more like 'sold' stem cell to me. The language used in the emails was very "sales-pitchy" in that used-car-salesman sense. So I did my own research, contacted my cardiologist and the end result is that he just doesn't want to see me waste my money. Yes, it would cost me MY money. That's what happens when health care becomes a business. Either way, he said that the cost of those "treatments" would not necessarily outweigh the long term potential problems. Sure one will feel great for a little while but then crash and burn even fast.

So I stopped writing for a bit. I do appreciate links, information and access to treatments I may not know about but I can't stand snake-charmers. I have a moral value that's very much Canadian (or socially democratic): health-care is a right-to-life and is not supposed to be a business. It's immoral to sell hope.  (Here I am not referring to "right-to-life" in the religious right sense.)

There you have it, my first post of 2012.
Oh, by the way, I had an annual respirologist visit last week (to renue funding for my O2) and my numbers seem to have gotten a little better. Now, the respiratory therapist was new (to me) so had no history of my numbers, but I recall what my room-air sats are and my O2-air sat's are and it seems I've improved. La femme francaise has also noticed a difference this winter: my hands and digits are not as purple (mind you my acupuncturist has been working on some circulation points directly affecting hands/feet). I don't feel as out of breath. My vision has also improved (hence my glasses Rx will be changing again).
Not sure how heart-failure can get better but, this winter (so far, kinahore) seems to be better than last.