Saturday, March 3, 2012

reflections on Mexico

I feel like I have to qualify this post by stating that I don't think I'm all that, or above science or that know anything beyond my own experiences.
Now that I've said that, I have to say that when I was at Chichen'Itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the New World, I didn't think it was all that. What I mean by that, is that I know El Castillo is not the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan peninsula. I (partially) climbed the largest pyramid at Coba in the Yucatan so when I reached 2/3 way up Nohoch Mul I might have as well climbed all the way up El Castillo. It's equivalent. Anyway, my feelings about it were wonder: not because it was so amazing, because honestly it was a bit over-rated. Wonder because I, Ms. heart-disease, was standing in front of a real pyramid that made not one but many world lists: Seven Wonders of the new world, Unsesco world heritage site, etc. It was amazing because I was told over and over again to stay close to home/town (as if). So I'm feeling very awesome these days.
Even my brother commented that I look like I'm doing 'better'. I know this illness doesn't get better but it can slow down from getting worse fast. I try my hardest to slow the inevitable down. I go to acupuncture biweekly (it's all I can budget since it's not covered), cook from scratch as much as I can (thereby cutting our sodium & grease), limiting my liquid intake, juicing, etc. etc. It seems to be paying off as there I was, in front of one of the 7 Wonders of the new world. I feel awesome. I don't think I can say it enough, so looking it is the next best thing.
It's awesome because I'm doing things I was thought I could never do - and it's different from "doing the things I was told I could never do". What I mean by that is that I wholeheartedly know my limitations. I know I can't go sky-diving, or even white-water rafting. I also know I can't trek into a jungle to see some ancient pyramids. However, with modern day technology, some money and a piss & vinegar will I could/can. Chichen I'tza represents one of my own limitations - not the cardiologists. (Heck, boarding the plane and going to Mexico is his hard limit). There are a lot of things we take for granted here in Canada or being able-bodied. When I booked Chichen It'za I had to make sure I had an air-conditioned bus, express route. I must sound like quite the princess at times, but it's all needed. Without AC my breathing is affected. Because we were comfortable on the way there, because the site was well excavated, because I chose express route, because I had a nonsmoking rooms, because I had access to low-sodium meals, because I took a daily siesta where I sat in the hotel rooms during the hottest of the mid-day sun, could I take the pyramids off my bucket list.
It's often very taxing travelling with me: before we even leave the country there's so much research and behind-the-scene preparation. We learned that the hard way with our trip to the south-west" non-guaranteed non-smoking room and high elevations wrecked havoc. (I have since found out there are non-smoking hotel chains). I do want to go back to the south-west. I have yet to see the Grand-Canyon. I keep studying the maps trying to figure out a way to get there without making me potentially (seriously) ill. In the months of map-gazing I've come to the conclusion that that wonder of the world, despite how close (in comparison to say the Taj Mahal) may never be experienced by me.
I'm not giving up.
Not yet.
Then again, that's not my style.
Elevation be damned, I will see the Grand Canyon!
But first, I bathe in the awesomeness that was/is El Castillo and the ancient city of Chichen It'za