Monday, June 11, 2012

Elderly and those with respoiratory issues...

...are urged to stay indoors today. If they must be outdoors they are urged to seek shelter or at least stay out of the sun and seek cooler shelter immediately. It ties for the hottest place in the country today with a high of 32 degrees with a humidex of 40. (for you Americans that's 90 with a humidex of 104).

If I had a government job, or other such employment where I could "work from home" I would. Alas I cannot. I couldn't even call in sick today because I'm the only staff on my team - it's summer folks, trainings and vacations compete together. My car does have AC, but it's old which means that the air conditioning doesn't actually cool the interior down, it just stops the cooking taking place. My O2 was on full blast driving home and I tell ya, it was intense inhaling.

"Empire State of mind" by AK and JZ came on the radio and I realized that I hadn't even written about NYC. Not much to write except that it smelt horrible, it was the most walking I'd ever done in my life and very tiring. Yes I had a great time despite the above complaints. I had such a wonderful time with my wife. I took her to the WTC site, we went to the Met, the ESB, Chinatown, Soho, Chelsea, et. Mostly we just walked. It was either that or take a subway and negotiate sometimes 4 flights of stairs. We watched live theatre on Broadway. My most favourite part was when all the theatrest let out and Times Square was full of theatre-goers (as well as the millions of lights). We hailed a rick-shaw (Bicycle taxi) to take us the 10 blocks to our metro station since we were so tired from the walking and especially the stairs. I was wearing heels so walking was going to be minimal that night. I've been to NYC before so I recall the stench in the subway but I never recalled how inaccessible the metro/subway stations were. There's maybe one elevator per dozen stations and of course Murphy would have it that we needed the stations without elevators. Some stations had escalators but would turn them off during off hours with a sign out side that read they are trying to conserve energy. But, there were 6 televisions illuminated trying to sell something or other. Wanna save energy? Get rid of the TVs and make the public transit more accessible. I'm writing both the NJ and NYC transportation authorities. It will probably fall on deaf ears but I'm going to be sure to quote the Americans with Disabilities act anyway.

In 2 days we leave for another trip. First I'm going to a work-related conference for 3 days, then we will take the next 4 days to chill out. My most favourite do-nothing destination: Provincetown. Yes, the anal-planner that I am has nothing planned. No itinerary other than relaxing. It's a small town and the beaches ore divine all the way up and down the Cape. So, relax we shall do. La fame is coming with me despite the conference being work-related. For the three days she will see some museums or galleries I'm sure. From there we will continue our New England drive to the Cape. 

I'm looking so forward to getting away from this heat.