Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a note to a friend

A friend asked me the other day to share with her my "top 10 lessons for dealing with illness". She is in the midst of her own health crisis that will eventually resolve itself. It made me think about what I have learned and how my thinking has been formed by living with chronic illness. I am one to shout from the roof-top about being your own best advocate but I have yet to put into words some of my guiding thoughts until this week. I have cut and paste what I wrote her and hope that it offers some help to others as well:

I'm sure you wanted to hear more spiritual inspirational things like 'gratitude' and 'meditation' which works for peace of mind, but not the physical :)

Here are my top 7 in no particular order:
  • Acceptance of what is, then pushing past it (some call it stubbornness, other strength);
  • Perseverance (see previous comment);
  • Joie-deVivre for the moment, because that's all we have;
  • CAL/saying "this to shall pass"
  • Asking/accepting for help (knowing limits and asking for help with things you cannot do on your own or with spirit-work) eg: taking meds as a form of asking for help
  • Getting lost/found in creativity (a form of spiritual exercise for me)
  • When all else fails, surrendering but reminding myself that "I" am not my illness/symptoms!