Tuesday, May 7, 2013

serenity garden I

So my backyard postage stamp serenity garden is not moving along as planned. I over did it this weekend. Creative juices flowing, wanting to see loved ones, cooking, baking... it was all just too much. So yesterday was a big right-off where the most productive thing I did was sit in the back yard for 10 minutes directing ma belle on where to put the plant donations (we did receive some hostas, day lilies etc. from a friend who has a few acres of land). We haven't even begun to plant, never mind turn and fertilize the earth. However we had to put the plants in something (a bucket, plastic etc.) so the roots wouldn't dry out.
There you have it, a full day minus 10 minutes of sitting, watching bad television, reading, but mostly just laying about in pain and fatigue.
I know better to draw limits when I'm with folks. It's challenging when you also miss and love them and miss and love riveting conversations. Two of my favourite colleagues were also by this weekend and one of them I would spend as much time with as my very own wife. Of course I miss her. Of course our conversations are stimulating, we're in the same field, we are similar types of feminist counsellors.
Anyway, my backyard is still a mud pile and that's ok. I'm not in a rush though our growing season is so short. Mother's day is coming and that's my priority: I finished a lap quilt top for my mom years ago, it would be nice to actually finish the quilt so she can finally have it.
I'm feeling a bit better today but will pace myself so that I don't lose out on the remainder of the week. Besides, my pain has not yet disappeared.