Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WOW: my sibling family

Where do I even start with the amazing people in my life and on the planet...
Tonight my amazing wife made one of my "dying" wishes come true. She didn't do it alone, but without her logistic expertise it couldn't have been done. Last year I found out Cirque was coming to our town and I had just come from seeing another one of their shows in a larger town a few hours a way. I knew I wanted to go but when I became hospitalized and it was clear that my days are limited and my oxygen requirements are so high that leaving the home is a challenge on the best of days, it became one of my "dying wishes". By hook or by crook I was going to the show. Well, tonight I went! It took 4 months, one logistics officer, one Cirque PR, one awesome Oxygen provider, the local fire department, numerous Cirque security personnel and all of my siblings. "Operation Princess" went off without a hitch.
Two cars took the 5 of us to the Grand Chapiteau for the show. We travelled with all the travel cylinders that were allowable by law and met up with a free standing tank to last me the entire show and then some. Ma belle worked with the team to have it delivered prior to the show, and it will be picked up tomorrow by the oxygen company. While there the PR woman took care of us (let us through the lines etc. since we didn't have much time on the travel-tanks. It was incredible. I felt so honoured to have this done for me and have my entire (sibling) family there with me. In fact, family has been so much on my mind. One scene had a traditional hoop dance performed by a First Nations brother-sister team. I got so teary-eyed thinking of my own brother and sister, and wife and sister (in law) all with me. It really does come down to family in life. I feel sad for those who don't have family and for a while, I was in that boat. I was isolated from and isolated myself from my family. Now, with the exception of select people (you know who you are because I am in contact with you) I don't really want to spend the end of my life with anyone else, in any ridiculous drama or with people I only barely like. It's my time, my space, my life and I can do what I want with what's left. I am so elated to have my sister back in my life. We are still opinionated, strong-willed ladies but the thing I disliked about her for years is the quality I appreciate knowing she is strong, smart, loyal, just like all my family. Ma belle fits right in. I picked the perfect mate - she speaks our language: yesterday she had an operations meeting with m y siblings to make sure "operation princess" was all a go. I thought her super-organized (anal) plan would bother them, only to realize she was speaking their language (especially my brother the engineer).
Love, love, love us all.