Thursday, October 24, 2013

now what?

There's a little someone that's kept me going for almost 10 months. He was born today. I have yet to see him and am excited to see the next generation of my family. I am also feeling a bit apprehensive and wondering what I will be holding on to next to keep my claws locked into life on earth. My health has been slowly, very slowly declining. It isn't that noticeable to regular folk. I'm still smiley and seemingly doing as much as before but I am also sleeping more, eating less and having more weird fainting spells that have nothing to do with blood-pressure, or pulse-ox (we measure everything). It's starting to feel like I was last spring when just washing and feeding myself consumed most of the day's energy. My mind is still full of creative projects but my body no longer has the energy it had during the summer months.

Of course I will continue to sew and knit for the little Monkey. Not being able to sit in my serenity garden is becoming hard. It means that I'm locked in the house for the most part. I am still able to go out once in a while, mainly to family as they are less than a few kilometres away but even that will eventually come to a halt because the cold air is painful on my lung and breathing.

For now, getting to know Monkey will have to be it.