Tuesday, December 3, 2013


In 24 hrs I will know more. In 24hrs the procedure will be done and I should be in CICU (cardiac  intensive care unit).
I am nervous yet calm.
I cannot believe I'm here yet super excited that I am a fighter. Tomorrow night you should hear me ROAR.
I think back to all that I was told, all that I've been doing to prepare for death. I learned a lot but also lost lot: a car, a job, a license, but I never let go of living.
I keep thinking about a quote I love so much from a fictional tv character, House, " almost dying changes nothing, dying changes everything". Yup, it does.

I called my cardiac NP at home to tell her what was going on and, though I feared her scaring me, she actually said I was in excellent hands. This is a top paediatric congenital surgeon. At the most basic level, I hope to survive. Their hoped for outcome (and mine too) is icing on the cake.