Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I just need to vent today.
I'm frustrated with the health care in this "town".
I have been in pain since Saturday.
Ok, let me start by saying, I experienced the regular post-op pain for the week that they told me it would last. Then I was pain-free for the second week. There was discomfort, but not enough to take Tylenol. My body is readjusting but it didn't prohibit me from going out, doing Qi Gong or just living.
Then on Saturday it reappeared shooting up my (left) jaw into my ear. I know that to not be a good sign, so off we went to the ER, the eve of ma belle's birthday. We actually ended up spending the first few hours of her birthday in the ER.
Replay of last year?
They did an ECG and cardiac enzymes tests only to rule out an MI for which I didn't suspect. This was new pain. After that they looked at me and said they couldn't really do anything else as they weren't familiar with my implants/location so they told me to call Toronto (for which I was going to do anyway) and go home. Yes, they discharged me without even doing a CT scan.

On Monday I called Toronto for which my expert-doctor. was very upset that they didn't call her (them) themselves. When she asked why the congenital on-call team was not called for referral I told her we didn't actually have a congenital on-call team. We only have regular cardiologists. Which, really don't know anything about what I have an approach me like I'm an "acquired heart disease". Some things they give run-of-the-mill cardiac patients will do great harm to me (like nitro, don't give me nitro).

Back to the past few days. Toronto doctor called the heart hospital here and ordered a CT scan so I went in last night. So far, the chest reading shows no collapse, closure or movement. They have yet to read the neck area (where the bulk of the pain is).
I await the news.

Knowing my body the way I do, they won't actually 'find' anything and this will go unexplained.
Did I mention yet I am officially tired of being unique?

The CT scan was done at the heart-hospital and not the ER. I was in the day unit, where a few of the nurses I had last year thought they recognized me (I stayed 17 days, I and my blue streaked hair are memorable). I confirmed and added that it was "a year ago today, exactly".

Can I have one "holiday season" (ma belle's birthday) without any medical problems?
Waiting for the CT scan last night while partially drugged up on Benadryl, I felt the "last straw" break. It's been over a month of being mostly in hospitals (the week of no-pain at home I was still in out-patient clinics for all of my post-procedural follow-ups). I would like to go somewhere on my daily outing that doesn't involve an over sized cotton gown.

Luckily I have a date set with my wonderful cuñada for Swan Lake. I'm already wondering what I will sew up for it. I'm so excited to go see dance again!

Alright, venting done. I feel a bit better (extra-strength Tylenols have kicked in). Time to get a move on.