Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just checking in and waiting

Nothing big to report. Tackling my pre-surgical to-do list. Found (winter) storage for my car. Found a really cheap gym (free for Dec.!!) for treadmill use since it's too cold on my lungs outside.
Also finally found some local (and provincial) folks with congenital heart disease. "Met" someone the other day (through social media) who's surgery was 14 hours. Hearing that gave me hope. If fourteen hours doesn't kill someone, then I will get through this too. Or at least, theoretically I can.
Theoretically I get my date next week. Or at least, if I haven't heard by then, I've been given permission to call them by mid-week (next week). I hope they haven't forgotten about me. I had a dream a few weeks ago that they forgot about me and my date wasn't until March. In the end I have no control over all that, just control over my preparatory work. I'll concentrate on that.