Tuesday, March 31, 2015


There are things that happen in living with post open-heart surgical recovery that I did not anticipate: low affect. Over the years I rarely get "down" anymore. I'm able to keep myself up and going, moving forward almost all the time. Affect is human but I didn't anticipate the downward turn since this is something that I was looking forward to and preparing ad nauseam. Meh, such is life.

I'm disappointed because I returned from TO (yet again) from last week's procedure. The intervention did not occur for the most ridiculous reason ever: lack of my blood type in the bank. I understand that they want to be cautious and prepared to have back up in case something happened during the intervention that would result in needing blood products. But really? It means that I'm back home, still dependent on supplemental oxygen. I wanted to do away with this tube once and for all!

It's been 8 weeks today, I'm now able to walk 1 kilometre (with the walker) and can lift a small oxygen tank (2.1kg). Not much more. I do feel a bit stronger, but still can't do things like sleep on my side, reach for things, take a bath, drive, sit in a car (back-seat) without a pillow between myself and the seat belt.

Oh, out of boredom I looked up top-rated (congenital) cardiologists in North America and a member of my care team is ranked #3. I think I'm in very good hands. I do trust all the heads that come together every Monday afternoon (their clinical meetings) to make decisions regarding best possible proposals and outcomes. Funny, my own clinical meetings used to be on Mondays. I'm so out of the loops now I've decided to start some advanced training in traumatology while I wait for the Mental Health Act to come into effect. Therapists across the province are waiting for it so our applications can finally go through and be certified by the (awaiting) College of Registered Psychotherapists of ON.