Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tired of hospitals...

Spent the night in the ER. Woke up yesterday morning with the same pain and breathing difficulties I felt with my pleural effusion back in late February. Since I couldn't confirm crackle by myself (though the breath sounds different and I've learned from my cardio how to palpate) I went to a walk-in clinic.
The doctor there suggested I go the the ER siting that she use to be an ER doc and they can't tell anything without an CXR (chest x-ray). I went. It was a waste of time, long time.
I had the CXR and they couldn't tell exactly what was join ton because my hear reach all the way to the right pulmonary. I have a big heart! My blood-tests tested positive for blood clots, soI had to have a CT scan. Except they made me wait 12 hours with 3 doses of prednisone before I could even had a diagnostic test. That was 5 hours after they decided to medicate me. They could have given me the medications right when they made the decision (yes, all my allergies were on the triage form)
Ugh, exposed to another bath of radiation (equivalent to 200 X-rays). The CT scan came back clear. Don't you just like false-positives?!
I did figure out a way to sleep in the ER though: soothing music on my phone and a sock to double as a sleep mask.
I did learn that my weak lung is starting to collapse again: gotta hit the pavement and move more to keep it expanded.

Oh on a side note: the hospitals in this town don't know how to deal with congenital patients. When I was connected to the IV they didn't ass a filter. Four nurses had no idea what I was talking about and so I asked them to call the Heart Hospt. next door to learn. It took two calls to learn what I meant. Are they in the business of increasing risk for congenital patients? Looks like it.

Also, something more incredible happened: the girl/lady next to was also a congenital patient. I overheard, long story short we share the same cardiologist in Toronto. We also fired the same one here in town. She's also born in March. And we share a common friend in my neighbourhood. Just cute little coincidences... was totally cool and she's on my Canadian congenital patients FB group.