Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hair loss - more than a cancer issue.

Great I'm losing my hair.
At first I thought hair-loss was typical after surgery. The body's gone through so much trauma. It's been four months and I shouldn't still be losing clumps of hair every day.
I looked up the side effects to my (new) meds and wouldn't you know it, hair loss is there. Apparently it's a rare side effect, but I have it.
My dosage was already cut in half during last month's visit at my request (because of other very serious long term side effects).
I'm going to ask my Cardiologist if there's a better alternative and if there isn't should I shop for wigs?
I'm not bald but my hair has gone from thick Mediterranean style coarse hair to wispy fine Caucasian hair. This after I recently *finally* embraced the wild mess that is my mixed hair (texture, thickness, partially straight and partially curly). The best hair-cut of my life was achieved shortly after my return home (a friend of mine is a former stylist so he still cuts hair, selectively). With the same hair cut that accentuates thick watery hair, it now looks all floppy because my hair is lifeless.
I know I could have more serious post-op issues, and I do, but this one is tough because I'm not a cancer survivor. Congenital heart disease treatment does not prepare you for having clumps of hair in your hand with every morning shower.