Friday, April 8, 2016

ASD closure

Just got back from the big city again. I went for an ASD closure: it's a much smaller hole. My heart it now hole free!
It's so weird.
I just have Pulmonary hypertension left, and other things that may require a major surgery again in the future but for now, when I asked my cardiologist: can I travel? do you think I can ever (race)walk without supplement oxygen, her response "was: try it. You don't have any more holes."

This last cath was the easiest but most uncomfortable (barely any sedation whatsoever). I didn't ask for any additional as I was using my mindfulness to get through the pain and because I really wanted to watch the insertion (and gaze at all my other hardware in my chest).

Twenty years ago this simple closure would have required open heart surgery. I *love* advanced medicine. One day in, next day out. Two cuts, three days off work.

Blessed by the privilege of modern medicine and western healthcare.