Wednesday, September 14, 2016

another bucket-list item getting crossed off soon!

I just got the green-light from my doctor to travel to 7,000ft. I'm going to the Grand Canyon!
Not many people realize but northern Arizona is on a plateau. The average elevation is about 5,000 feet with high points in Flagstaff and Grand Canyon Village proper.

Went I tried this trip as an un-repaired person, the elevation made me sick, so though I was in the desert, I never got to the Canyon: so close yet so far.

Well, soon I'll be able to finish what I started. I just bought the tickets today! I'm so over-the-moon about this.

The doctor did give me a few conditions: no hiking, activities that require exertion and bring back photos. I can do that. This trip will be a lazy-girl's trip: a few days in Sedona: new-age capital of America, perfect place to get my spa-on. Road trip through Monument Valley, Helicopter ride in the Canyon, a tiny bit of hiking into Antelope Canyon (if my breathing is fine).

In the meantime, I've started my swimming lessons. I'm not cyanotic but I was still "blue" when I got out of the pool: cold. My private instructor seems like a nice guy. He's a paramedic so he gets the vocabulary ("I was cyanotic and I still take my sats" is not lost on him).  It's going to take a long time to get comfortable in water to learn. Not to worry, my trip to Hawaii isn't for a few years. My big bucket list item is swimming up to a waterfall in Hawaii after my full marathon.

Tomorrow I leave for my first Congenital Cardiac camp. I used to look forward to meeting new congenital patients, now I'm not sure how comfortable I'll be at this (adult) camp. It seems there may be a lack of understanding as to what boundaries are. We've already had discussion on FB about photos and all posts want them taken whereas I said "no thanks for me". I've been told to "loosen up". They don't get that I'm in forensics-ish and I try to guard my privacy. (I don't study the psychology of crime but I am a therapist to ex-cons.)  I don't even have my real name or location on this blog, why would I chance a client Googling me only to find a picture of me doing whatever shenanigans. Many of these people don't work so they don't get it. Hopefully that was one person's opinion.

Lots of things going on.
Amazing what stable health will give a person. Never take your health for granted: it's your freedom!