Thursday, December 22, 2016

Arizona, check!

Wow - I can't believe how much time has passed.
In 3 months I've done loads to things.
I went back to Vermont where some lovely friends live. We were going to zip line across Mt Mansfield but when we got to the top of the mountain (on the gondola) visibility was nill. It was like zipping through a cloud, which does sound cool, and I've love to do that one day but for my first Zip I wanted to be able to actually see beneath: all the way down!

At the end of October we went to Arizona. Spent only 10 days there but it was well worth it. It's such a huge state that we only planned to cover the north eastern quarter. Yes, I went to the Grand-Canyon. It's ok but I'm really glad I saw everything else I visited. The entire trip made it worth while. Had I gone just for the GC and home, I would have been disappointed. We also went to Antelope Canyon: both the outside on the water part and the inside, dry land part that was very cavernous. It was the wrong time of year to see that majestic sunbeam come down to hit the canyon floor. We had other spectacular views just the same. My pictures are 'other wordly.' Spend some time in Sedona where we visited numerous Vortex and I even wandered into a quilt shop. I have some nice southwestern cotton prints now. Lots of spending there. Actually the most extravagant part of the trip had to be the helicopter ride. Yes, I finally got to ride in one: over the Grand Canyon no less! There you go, another bucket list item checked off.
Many times during the trip I wandered off on my own. I guess I had more energy than I planned for (as my surgeon said a while back: plan for the worst, hope for the best). I wandered over to marble canyon where I happen to hike to Horseshoe bend. The hike was really short but in the desert heat, the sand and no shelter from the sun, even the warning signs at the parking lots were huge and reiterated "bring water", "do not attempt without water", "no rest spots" (Oh ya, forgot to mention it was at a 45 degree incline). 1.2 km is short and I can do that no problem here, but in those conditions it took me, and the people around me a while. In the end I did find shade: those little desert brush plants, the ones that are only 16" tall: well they cast a small shadow. Sure the shadow is smaller than the brush, but the sand is *not hot* and that's all that my butt really cared about!

Let's see, we also went over to lake Powell just across the boarder with Utah. Lovely land, that's where we cruised into the canyon. Cruise was packed and it was low-season. So glad we didn't show up in high season. Yikes.

Also hit Monument Valley on the Navajo Reservation. Actually most of the northern quarter is Navajo and Hopi land. So beautiful and rugged but also so much poverty and racism. When we were at John Wayne's point there was a Navajo guy selling access to his horse. Five bucks bought you a sit on his horse on the cliff's edge and your friend (or him) could take a picture of you from the distance. I couldn't resist. The money went directly to him and I have something to laugh at myself when laugh gets serious again (as it always does).

Anyway, I could go on and on, listing more bucket list adventures in that one grand trip but that would be beside the point of this entire blog.